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Understanding Your Goals

Investing is at our core, but make no mistake about it—we are more than investment managers. Our advisor-teams take the time to understand your personal and financial goals. With abundant financial solutions available to us through our broker-dealer, Raymond James, we’re able to prescribe from a wide array of services and products to best fit your circumstances.

Financial Advisors, Not Salespeople

Our advisors are not salespeople. While they are both fee and commission based financial advisors, there are no quotas to hit and no incentives for selling a particular product. Our approach begins and ends with putting our clients first. This has helped us to become one of the largest independent firms in the Raymond James network, as well as participants of the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Program since 2002.

*Raymond James Financial Services does not endorse and is not associated with the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Program.

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Working with Our Advisors

We operate on a belief that has remained the same since we started our company in 2002: As long as we do what is right for you, your relationship with us will continue and the word will spread. This is what we feel is most important and part of how we have come to advise on more than $3 billion of client assets today. At our first meeting, you can expect to:

Tell Us About You:
We want to understand your priorities

Are you saving for a house? Planning for your first grandchild or last day of work? Are you guiding adult children or caring for aging parents? Are you concerned about your current investments, insurance or estate plan? Your advisor will hear what you are planning for and why you’re investing, so that he or she can make recommendations that align precisely with those objectives. Contact us to get started.

Learn About Us:
We are not your typical financial advisors

We work with you in an active partnership, not a passive client-provider relationship. We’ll tell you about our process, investment philosophy, how we communicate with you, how we measure success, and how we are compensated. If you have any questions, we’ll make sure they are answered before moving forward. Learn more about us.

Review Your Current Financial Situation:
You can trust us with your information

Together, we’ll look at financial documents regarding your savings, income, debts, and living expenses to determine the steps we need to take to help you reach your goals. 

Set Up a Follow-Up Meeting:
We’ll guide your financial future in the right direction

Once we have a clear understanding of everything that is essential and important to you, we’ll invest time and resources to begin formulating strategies and recommendations. We’ll begin to map out process for moving forward for your plan.

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