We Work Together to<br>
			Improve Your Financial Life We Take the Time to Get to Know You We Offer Significantly More Than Investments

We Work Together to
Improve Your Financial Life

We Take the Time to Get to Know You

Southwestern Investment Group operates as a family. Through our broker-dealer, Raymond James, we have the support of a large company, while offering you the intimate service of a small firm. We build our relationships through trust. Over time, we come together to serve you in your pursuit of financial independence and a plan for the future.

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We Offer Significantly More Than Investments

We care for your money with integrated services that focus not only on wealth enhancement but wealth protection, wealth transfer, and charitable giving. Addressing all these elements is important to develop the best plan for you.

How we work with you



We connect with you to get to know you personally, as well as your overall situation.

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Once we have full knowledge of who you are and what you want to accomplish, we design your customized plan.

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As your situation evolves, we constantly look for ways to enhance your plan through tax, risk, and wealth management strategies.

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Though each of our teams and advisors may vary in their focus and technique, we have a common purpose and share in the same successful approach to planning—creating a comprehensive financial plan, tailored to your individual and personal goals.

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