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Financial freedom means that you have control over your wealth and not the other way around. Taking control of your finances brings relaxation, ease, and a sense of accomplishment. It opens up new doors and gives you more choices.

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At its best, financial planning helps you begin with the end in mind, in order to connect your finances to your life. After you know where you’re headed, you can put your money to work to achieve the plans you’ve set for yourself, your family, and even your community.

This sense of freedom is our goal for our clients working with the Nace Wealth Team. We see ourselves as coaches, detectives, inventors, and architects, helping you to formulate the blueprint for your financial life and bring that vision to fruition.

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Meet the Team

Learn more about each of the dedicated members of the Nace Wealth Team.

Tyler Nace, CFP®, ChFC®

Executive Vice President, Southwestern Investment Group | Financial Advisor, RJFS

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Colton LaRue, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning, Southwestern Investment Group | Financial Advisor, RJFS

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Anitra Brennan, RFC®

Financial Advisor, RJFS

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Jessica Fletcher

Financial Planning Executive

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Megan Gaoiran

Client Services Associate

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