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As you move through life, your financial picture will likely evolve, as markets fluctuate and your goals change. But, what doesn’t change is our role in your life. With constant communication and creative, ongoing optimization of your financial plan, we take responsibility and strive to make significant progress toward accomplishing your goals.

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Our Wealth Preservation Services

Investment Portfolio Analysis:
Managing financial risk while meeting your goals

Though piling up money in a bank account will keep it safe, it may not grow much over time. We help you put your money to work for you. It’s true that all investments have some exposure to risk, but a diversified portfolio aligned with your precise financial goals can help control your overall financial risk. On one side of the spectrum, you may be taking investment risks that are unnecessary, depending on your goals. On the other side, you may be playing it too safe. Even so-called “safe” investments may carry inflation and liquidity risk. We take a good look at your risk profile and get to know your current financial position and goals before making any investment recommendations. Learn more about our investment services here.

Insurance Analysis and Solutions:
Experienced in managing insurance plans

Insurance is a crucial part of financial planning. Our advisors are experienced in how life, disability, health, and long-term care insurance and annuities could affect your financial future. We will analyze your current insurance position and make recommendations on coverage to help ease the burden of the life events you can anticipate and the ones you can’t.

Through Raymond James Insurance Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raymond James, our advisors have access to a team of insurance and annuity experts, as well as carefully-screened, non-affiliated products.

Estate Planning:
Building your legacy

Protect and pass on the estate you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. You know what you want to do with the wealth you’ve built, and we help ensure that your intentions are met. When planning with us, you can be confident that your legacy meets the vision for your family, charities, business, and other beneficiaries.

We’ll work with your tax and legal team to guide you through the right vehicles of wills, trusts, insurance, and more to help you protect and transfer your wealth with minimal complications and tax liabilities.

Charitable Giving:
Maximizing benefits through charitable giving

If you give or have the desire to start giving to charitable organizations, family members, or friends, we will help you do it efficiently and advantageously. From choosing the proper donation vehicles to maximizing potential tax benefits, our advisors are here to help you give more effectively.

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