Throughout the recent market volatility, our team has been passionately working to ensure clear lines of communication, increase education, and act as a calming voice during the chaos. As a helpful resource to you, your family, or friends in this continued season of uncertainty, we wanted to share this recording of a recent webinar with Chris Jenkins, Senior Vice President at American Funds, to dive into long-term perspective on markets and economies.

Ultimately, as challenging as it may be, we hope this message will help you think long-term. In times of crisis, it can be difficult to do this. No one is immune to fear and uncertainty, but it is in these times that it is perhaps the most critical to think long-term.

We may one day look back at 2021 as a major turning point for the global economy, public health, politics, and how we live and work in the digital age. Here are the key takeaways from Capital Group’s 2021 Outlook. We hope you find it beneficial.

Watch the webinar HERE.

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