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FRANKLIN, Tennessee—Bob Sircy, Jr., Executive Vice President of Southwestern Investment Group, was recently recognized by for exceeding standards of industry excellence. Sircy, a wealth advisor heavily involved in his community, leads his team to focus on their clients’ overall financial health and future. This value-driven strategy propelled Sircy’s revenue growth, making him one of the fastest-growing advisors in the country. presented Sircy with a Thrive award as one of the fastest-growing advisors in the U.S. for 2019. The Wealth Management Thrive Awards acknowledge advisors who are “driving hard and have proven themselves skilled and ambitious by virtue of three solid years of measurable growth,” said’s Managing Director, William O’Conor. This award is based on revenue, which demonstrates advisors’ success in providing valuable services to their clients and prospects.

Bob Sircy, Jr. leads the Sircy-Hurd Wealth Team in Franklin, Tennessee, with his partner Zach Hurd. As a Southwestern Investment Group advisor, Sircy is part of a family of advisors who create sensible strategies to plan, build, and preserve money for their clients. Sircy and his team strive to provide clients with holistic financial guidance that helps them achieve their personal and professional goals. Southwestern Investment Group is headquartered at 801 Crescent Centre Dr., Suite 600 in Franklin, Tennessee.

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