Preserving Your Wealth: The Best U.S. Cities for Retirement

Once a hypothetical scenario, retirement is closer by the day. You might picture what you want to do with your extra time: fish, paint, play with the grandkids, take up golf.

But, no matter what you do, the question often becomes where will you do it? The United States is full of charming, cost-effective options that will have you packing your bags and settling in comfortably. We’ve researched five cities with median incomes—ranging from $44,000 to $85,000—that will help to meet your needs without depleting your retirement fund.

1. Tampa, Florida

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Population: 385,430

Median Household Income: $44,000

 A thriving city on the west coast of Florida, Tampa is full of life and history. Retirees can enjoy zoos, museums, and historic districts along with authentic Cuban and Spanish food. Tampa is home to Busch Gardens theme park and a great location for lively days out and quiet nights in.

2. Augusta, Georgia

Population: 201,800

Median Household Income: $48,500

Recognized as one of AARP’s age-friendly communities, Augusta, Georgia is full of parks, live music, and festivals. The city’s retired population enjoys the area attractions, including art and history museums and nature reserves.

3. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Population: 75,240

Median Household Income: $51,880

For those looking for a smaller location to retire, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is a quiet college town with lively festivals and a picturesque downtown. Bethlehem is filled to the brim with history museums and is home to several festivals throughout the year. From bourbon and barbeque to sangria and tacos, this town loves to celebrate.

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Population: 464,474

Median Household Income: $54,228

With an airport and beautiful scenery, Colorado Springs, Colorado has become one of the top cities to retire in the U.S. Those who love outdoor adventure will love this location. The city touts its spectacular rock formations and hiking trails.

5. Torrance, California

Population: 146,758

Median Household Income: $85,000

For those who want California living without the outrageous price tag, Torrance, California is a beach town with lovely piers, parks, and nature reserves. Torrance’s farmer’s market and antique shops make it the perfect place for leisurely living.

All over the country, there are cost-friendly retirement cities with a wide range of populations, landscapes, and activities. Choose a city that fits your retirement budget, while also giving you the post-work life of your dreams.

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