Our Top Read Blogs of 2021

Financial planning can be complex, so we make it a priority to write about new legislation and commonly asked questions to help keep our readers informed about the topics they care about most. In 2021, we’ve tallied up the results and discovered what articles you found most helpful. Many of our clients and website visitors found the following topics informative, relevant, and compelling. Click on a few of our most-read blogs below to see what else you can learn.  

  1. Investment 101: The Dos and Don’ts of Investing

Readers loved this straightforward guide to sound financial strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid. It covers risk management, diversification, long-term thinking, and other best practices for savvy investment strategies.  

  1. 5 Questions to Ask your Financial Advisor During Yearly Reviews

It’s an ironic reality that you’ll remember all the questions you had for your financial advisor right after you leave their office. To prevent this from happening, check out our post on annual questions to ask your financial advisor. There may be a few you didn’t think to ask – but you’ll be glad you did.   

  1. What is a High Net Worth Individual?

There are several approaches to calculating your individual net worth, and our blog covers how liquid assets contribute to overall net worth. It also includes some surprising statistics on the location, assets, and increase in high net worth individuals. 

  1. What to Know about the Advance Child Tax Credit

This popular blog covers the basics of the advance child tax credit, a piece of legislation introduced in the summer of 2021. Our blog reviewed the income limits for the child tax credit, how the credit would be disbursed, and tips and ideas for using this extra income. 

  1. 5 Steps to Take Before Tax Day 2021

We published this blog in March of 2021 to help our readers prepare for the April 2021 tax deadline. We encouraged individuals to review their tax credits, check to see if their income bracket had changed, and collect proof of any deductions they intended to take. Hopefully, our guide helped streamline tax day for some of our readers. 

  1. What to Know about the 900 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill

Our blog on the December 2020 stimulus bill helped break down what industries and initiatives would be funded by the bill. It also walked readers through the additional economic impact payments, mortgage premium deductions, and additional unemployment benefits. We also covered the bill’s effect on businesses, including the expanded small business loans and clarification on prior PPP loan forgiveness policies.  

  1. What to Know about the American Families Plan

This article on another recent piece of legislation also made it into our top-read blogs this year. We clarified the aims and impact of the American Families plan, explaining how it will help fund educational initiatives, paid family and medical leave, and changes to the capital gains tax.  

  1. Seven Southwest Investment Group Advisors Named to Forbes List of Best in State Wealth Advisors

Our final most-read blog is one we’re very proud of, highlighting how seven of our financial advisors were named “Best In State” Wealth Advisors. Founded in Tennessee, we’re committed to serving our state through financial advising that helps individuals and families plan for their future. 

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