Luke Powers


Southwestern Investment Group’s Luke Powers was recently certified by the CFP® Board as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. This certification is an advisor’s next step to further their depth of knowledge and expertise in comprehensive financial planning. Luke viewed this achievement as yet another way he could offer value to his clients. His completion of this certification illustrates his dedication to those he serves, to understanding and applying complex financial planning concepts, and to the highest of ethical standards. 

Luke is a native of Germantown, Tennessee, and a graduate of the University of Tennessee, where he studied supply chain management and economics. As a member of Southwestern Investment Group’s Cullman Wealth Team, Luke lends his expertise as a financial advisor with a client-first mentality. Luke gravitated toward a career with Southwestern because of the company’s values that he believes allow him to keep his clients’ best interests in mind at all times.

“Luke’s growth within our company and team is phenomenal. I’m proud of the exceptional advisor he is and of his determination to continue learning everything he can about comprehensive financial planning. He is truly an asset to us and our clients,” says Travis Cullman, Vice President at Southwestern Investment Group and leader of the Cullman Wealth Team.

Regarding this latest achievement, Luke says, “I love learning about financial planning because it means that I can help my clients achieve what is important to them and their families. Especially as my wife and I recently bought our first home, I know how crucial those big moments are for our clients. I’m grateful to help them achieve their dreams.” As one of Southwestern Investment Group’s core values is to develop students and leaders, the company celebrates Luke corporate-wide, as he is a shining example of this important value within our amazing roster of team members.

Luke can be reached at 865-686-5202 or at

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