How Old Should a Child be Before Having a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation, especially when it comes to the question of whether or not to purchase a life insurance policy for your child. We understand the difficult implications that come from this conversation, but we urge you to remember: life insurance for children is an investment for life.

Although financial needs and priorities vary from family to family, we at Southwestern Investment Group recommend that you evaluate whether buying a life insurance policy is a good move for the future of your family. 

Here are a few considerations for if and at what point you should consider buying life insurance for your child.

The Ins and Outs

This might be your first time encountering the idea of purchasing a life insurance policy for your child. You probably have a lot of questions or maybe only vague ideas of what an investment like this entails. We’re here to help.

A life insurance policy may be purchased for a child between 14 days and 14 years of age. When purchasing life insurance for a child, only whole life insurance is possible, rather than term insurance. This means that the policy purchased during childhood will follow the individual for the rest of their life, assuming the premiums continue to be paid. An important note: as a caretaker, it’s important to have all the policy materials and information ready to pass on to the child when they are of age.

The child then becomes the owner of this policy when they become 21 years of age. At this point, the individual may choose to continue to pay the premium and carry the policy. However, since the life policy also carries cash value, the individual may also cash out the policy and use it for other life investments.

Purchasing a life policy for your child may not be the right choice for your family, so it’s important to research and talk with a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional before making this investment. Other options for securing your child’s future include:

Life Insurance for…Life

We understand that it can be a daunting thought: the unimaginable happening to your child. But, we are here to tell you that life insurance for children can serve your family beyond funeral costs and cover general life expenses.

An example of this is protecting your child’s insurability; heaven forbid your new bouncing baby one day grow up and become a skydiving instructor or deep sea diver. Professions and hobbies which come with inherent risk may affect your child’s access to affordable life insurance. 

When life insurance is purchased during childhood, the policy grows with the child until they take ownership at age 21. Meaning, by the time they are swimming in cages with sharks or jumping out of an airplane on a regular basis, they will already have an affordable premium locked in place.

A Vehicle for Investment

Of course, when buying insurance, there should be an underlying need for insurance coverage, however, there are other, often overlooked, reasons parents might desire to take out a life insurance policy on their child are that it can be used as an investment vehicle for future life expenses, such as college. After all, you purchased this policy to protect your family’s future, therefore it might very well be best spent to pay for their education so that they may start their professional life without the burden of debt.

An additional benefit? Cashing out a child’s life insurance policy will not be considered household income, therefore it won’t affect access to student aid.

The beauty of this policy is that it was purchased for the child in whatever capacity it might be best used. You have the power to decide. So, how old should your child be when you purchase a life policy? The sooner you invest, the more cash value your policy will have; however, the real answer: whenever the investment is right for your family.

It’s important to note that an insurance policy should not be taken out strictly as an investment vehicle for a child. After fees and typically lower returns, an insurance policy is oftentimes not the best investment vehicle.

Got questions about life insurance policies?

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