How Much Did Southwestern Investment Group Clients Contribute to Charitable Organizations in 2020?

A year ago today, no one could’ve imagined where we would be at this point in 2020. With  the appearance of COVID-19 and its ongoing effects on our world—socially, economically, and politically—we find ourselves at the close of this unique and challenging year with a much different perspective than we started. And, while the ongoing pandemic continues to impact individuals and industries in many different ways, we look back on this year with gratitude in our hearts for our clients who continue to trust us and seek our guidance and with hope for better days ahead in 2021.

So, as we near the end of the year and shift our focus toward helping our clients with charitable  giving, many have questioned how COVID-19 might affect philanthropic efforts. At Southwestern Investment Group, we continue to see our clients committed to making a difference through charitable giving efforts, socially-responsible investing, helping to rebuild communities, and so much more. To give you a bird’s eye view of those efforts, here’s a look at our end-of-year charitable giving numbers.

Total Number of Accounts Included

This past year, we were thrilled to have 246 of our Southwestern Investment Group accounts included in charitable giving contributions to various charities and organizations.

Total Contributions to Donor-Advised Funds

This year’s total contributions to DAFs (Donor-Advised Funds) calculated to an impressive $4,453,805.92 (as of 11/22/2020). These funds are charitable giving accounts, which help individuals invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact.

Number of Contributions

Regarding this year’s number of contributions, in which each position donated is counted separately, we saw a total of 222.

Total Grants Distributed to Charity

Charitable grants often refer to funds that provide ongoing support to a particular charitable organization. At Southwestern Investment Group, we are happy to report that the total number of grants distributed to charity in 2020 amounted to $4,028,415.74 (as of 11/22/2020).

Total Number of Grants Distributed

Among those grants we were able to see distributed throughout 2020 were a total of 2,343.

Total Market Value

Perhaps the most encouraging and impressive of these numbers to share is the total market value of all charitable contributions within the Southwestern Investment Group family of wealth teams is a whopping $12,598,052.70 (as of 11/22/2020), which will make a difference in ways we can never comprehend through numerous charities and organizations.

Need Guidance with Your End-of-Year Charitable Giving?

At Southwestern Investment Group, we’re passionate about charitable giving. Even more, our goal is to help you maximize your benefits through charitable giving.  Contact us today to learn how we can guide you to the proper donation vehicles and maximize your potential tax benefits, ultimately help you to give more effectively.

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