How Did Southwestern Investment Group Clients Contribute to Charitable Organizations in 2021?

Giving back is a part of our DNA, and we love that it’s important to our investment clients as well. Since Southwestern Investment Group was established in 2002, so much has changed in the financial landscape as we approach our twentieth year. Yet, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to our community. As the world and our lives are changing in the face of a global pandemic, our clients contributed to causes that matter most to them. We’ve put together a recap of their generous gifts to inspire you to give in 2021 and 2022. 

Total Number of Accounts Included

This past year, 315 of our Southwestern Investment Group accounts gave generously to nonprofits and charitable organizations. Wow! 

Total Contributions to Donor-Advised Funds 

Donor-advised funds are one of our favorite ways to support sustainable, regular charitable giving. DAFs specifically set aside funds for the sole purpose of charitable giving. 

Total Grants Distributed to Charity

Southwestern Investment Group also helps its clients provide ongoing support to a specific charity or nonprofit through the use of charitable grants. In 2021, our clients disbursed a total of 3,045 charitable grants. 

Let Southwestern Investment Group help guide your charitable giving investment strategy.

Our financial advisors can help you make the holiday season even brighter by reviewing your finances with you to help create an updated financial plan that aligns with your new goals. If you want to make annual sustainable charitable giving part of your overall investment strategy, Contact Southwestern Investment Group today to schedule a consultation!

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