Client Focus Drives Southwestern Investment Group’s Success

What value drives Southwestern Investment Group’s success? The same value that Southwestern Investment Group President and Raymond James Financial Services Financial Advisor Jeff Dobyns has pushed from the beginning—caring for the client. At the root of every action, Southwestern and its advisors keep the clients’ best interests front and center. We assess the needs of our clients and design strategies to help them reach their most lofty goals. Through fully supporting our clients and serving as a financial ally, Southwestern has risen to new heights.

Today, Southwestern advisors are frequently recognized for industry excellence, and clients are flourishing. There was a time, though, when President Dobyns was building the Southwestern Investment Group from the ground up. He “dreamed of the day we could have several certified financial planners for our clients.” His dream came true. Southwestern now has 31 certified financial planners (CFPs), five certified public accountants (CPAs), two certified divorce financial analysts (CDFAs), and one accredited asset management specialist (AAMS).

In light of our growth, we’re highlighting what makes Southwestern different—what makes us the best client advocate we can be. We asked President Dobyns for his insight into Southwestern’s success as well. Let’s see what he had to say.

Southwestern’s Success, According to President Jeff Dobyns

“The driving factor in our success has been our overwhelming passion for providing clients with excellent experiences in both world-class customer service and comprehensive financial advice.”

At Southwestern Investment Group, clients make the world go ‘round. We know that by helping them succeed financially we are impacting their lives in a positive way. That’s what keeps Southwestern’s advisors motivated to keep going. They see clients day in and day out who are benefiting from their financial guidance.

“Our company has really excelled because of our desire to create a pathway for employees to be developed and progress.”

Southwestern Investment Group’s advisors stand out in that the majority are hired without industry experience. This model allows us to organically train advisors to provide exceptional service through a high level of education and in-house training. Most importantly, Southwestern’s advisors receive years of mentorship. When we invest the time into our team, our team invests that time back into their clients’ financial well-being.

“I think the benefit of this business is that if you serve your clients really well, then you [receive] additional clients who would like your advice and services.”

The main goal for our team and company is to ensure our advisors continue to develop, excel, and lead their clients and team well. If we can help our advisors continue to excel, then the rest of our goals will be achieved. Southwestern believes in investing in people—employees and clients alike.

“[What] makes me most proud of our advisor teams is the fact that they are all incredible human beings.”

Southwestern’s culture contributes to our clients’ prosperity by recognizing that we all leave a legacy in the things we do every day. With our resources, time, and energy, we drive our legacy. Our advisors embody a culture of doing the right thing and making an impact in their community. They consistently help our clients achieve their milestones and objectives.

Come See What We’re Talking About

We would love not just to tell you how well we support our clients but to show you. Contact Southwestern Investment Group to speak to a financial advisor in your area. We look forward to welcoming you into our culture of financial strength and powerful core values.

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