Associate Spotlight: Melissa Jones

Southwestern Investment Group is beyond proud of how much our advisors care for their clients. Melissa Jones is a gleaming example of that. Thanks to a chance encounter with a Southwestern Investment Group team member, Melissa joined the Tunstall Wealth Team, where she now enjoys walking alongside her clients, helping them to realize their dreams.

Melissa’s Background

Graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Melissa Jones’ career took a bit of a different turn once she entered the world of finance. She fell in love with financial planning and went on to gain her Certificate in Financial Planning from Belmont University, furthering her career with her Series 7 and 66 licenses, as well as becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional.

How Melissa Came to Southwestern Investment Group

Melissa’s journey to our team was a bit serendipitous. After her husband met a Southwestern Investment Group employee at a coworker’s baby shower, Melissa joined in on the conversation, learning about Jeff Dobyns and the team. After exchanging numbers with the coworker who reached out later in the year, Melissa became curious if she was ready to join the workforce again.

“I decided it wouldn’t hurt to interview after being on maternity leave for nine months. I interviewed and ultimately found myself on a team of people who were willing to work around my desire to be part-time and allow me to balance my new mom role and career as a financial advisor,” said Melissa. She began working three days a week and has now settled into a full-time, four-day-a-week schedule.

What Melissa Loves about Her Role

“I love working with clients, especially putting financial pieces together and creating a process for clients to follow and understand. My job isn’t about simply making financial plans; it’s about walking alongside our clients (and friends) as I help them reach their financial goals. Being able to join them on the journey, through ups and downs, is what makes my role personal, relational, and important. This is what I love to do,” she explained.

Melissa’s Advice to Others Interested in the Financial Industry

“If only I had known about Southwestern Investment Group 15 years ago! There are so many financial firms out there. They may have good intentions, but no one sets you up for success from the get-go like Southwestern does. The financial industry can be selfish, but Southwestern allows you to grow and blossom from a strong foundation. There is nothing else out there like this organization, at least not one that I have seen in my 12+ years in the industry,” Melissa advised.

Melissa’s Joys in Her Personal Life

Melissa and her husband met at the Green Hills YMCA on Dec 1, 2008. “He took it to heart when the first thing I said to him was ‘quitter’ (as he was quitting the gym), and he decided to prove me wrong. We’ve been together ever since,” said Melissa. Although she doesn’t claim to be “a total finance nerd,” Melissa was married on Pi Day, 3.14.15. She and her husband have since had two beautiful children who challenge and surprise them every day. They also have a sweet dog, Chief, named after Chief Paduke from Paducah, Kentucky, where he found them five years ago.

In her spare time, you’ll find Melissa getting in a kettlebell workout. “I decided many years ago that it was cheaper to become a kettlebell instructor than to pay for a kettlebell/gym membership. I guess budgeting has always been top of mind! Although I am no longer a kettlebell instructor, I am still proud to be a student of strength and enjoyed my time as a StrongFirst Girya. I still enjoy working out with my collection of bells,” she added. This year, she has embarked on a new journey, as Melissa plans to begin the path toward becoming a master gardener.

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