Associate Spotlight: Gerry Macbeth

Southwestern Investment Group is grateful for employees who grow with our company, as they contribute to shaping our future. Gerry Macbeth, Southwestern Investment Group’s Chief Financial Officer, is an excellent example of this, because she’s been with us from the very beginning—working for the Southwestern Family of Companies since 1988 and joining the Southwestern Investment Group team when we were founded in 2002. We are extremely proud to highlight Gerry’s career, showcasing what a wonderful asset she is to our company.

Gerry’s Background

A native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Gerry has a 40-year background in accounting and now serves as Southwestern Investment Group’s Chief Financial Officer. However, despite her many years in this field, Gerry didn’t start her career thinking she would be an accountant. After graduating from the University of Georgia as an advertising major, her first job was a copywriter in a small advertising agency. While in that position, Gerry filled in as the agency’s bookkeeper after an unexpected departure. To her surprise, Gerry had an affinity for accounting.

Gerry’s first accounting job was as a cost accountant for a Chattanooga, Tennessee, company that manufactured logging tools and chain forgings. During her five years there, Gerry attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to complete her accounting education and obtain her MBA.

How Gerry Came to Southwestern Investment Group

After relocating to the Nashville area due to her husband’s job change, Gerry went on to obtain her CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certifications. She then went to work in 1988 for the Southwestern Family of Companies as the Senior Accountant for its school fundraising company.

Fast forward to 2002, the founding of Southwestern Investment Group, and Gerry was assigned accounting responsibility for the start-up, while still supporting Southwestern’s book division.  As the company grew, Gerry’s involvement grew, which eventually led to her becoming our full-time CFO and moving to the Franklin headquarters.

What Gerry Loves about Her Role

Gerry views our financial advisors and their support teams across Southwestern’s eleven offices as her “customers.” She has loved getting to be part of and celebrating their growth and success, both individually and company wide. Gerry considers it a privilege to be associated with such a professional and compassionate group of individuals.

Gerry’s Joys in Her Personal Life

Gerry lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband of nearly 43 years, Glenn. She has also helped her husband over the past 25 years to start and grow his business, a real estate title company with offices in Murfreesboro and Manchester, Tennessee. Gerry and Glenn have two daughters: Erin, who lives outside of Boston with her husband Spencer and two young daughters (with a boy on the way this summer!) and Alison, who lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with her husband Dan.

In her spare time, Gerry enjoys traveling, particularly to spend time with their grandchildren in Massachusetts. She is always busy with various home improvement projects along with Glenn, most recently the restoration of a home built in the mid-1800s in Manchester.

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