5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Financial Advisor

Whether you’re just starting to save or have hit mid-retirement, hiring a financial advisor is a wise choice. But, where do you begin? Do all advisors provide the same levels of expertise and services?

Not exactly.

Several factors set financial advisors apart from one another. If you’ve spent time looking for financial help or are reading this article before you begin your search, you may already be overwhelmed by the options.

Numerous advisors will pine for your business, but this process is about you. The key to finding the right advisor is knowing which ones will keep your best interests in mind.

To help you determine who’s right for you, we’ve put together five crucial questions to ask.

1. How are you paid?

The answer to this question should be straightforward and clear. Your financial advisor is the person you will trust with your assets and look to for sound advice, so it’s important that he or she is as transparent as possible about their process.

Financial advisors are usually paid in one of three ways:

2. Are you a fiduciary?

A fiduciary financial advisor is under legal obligation to act solely in the best interests of their clients. Choosing an advisor who operates as a fiduciary ensures that he or she will be taking care of you and making unbiased recommendations. Your financial goals should always come first. 

3. What are your credentials?

As you research, you’ll likely see various credentials listed after financial advisors’ names, but the heart of a teacher is arguably one of the most important credentials to look for when choosing an advisor.  At Southwestern Investment Group, all of our advisers possess the heart of a teacher. We long to empower you and educate you to make informed choices. Your investment adviser shouldn’t just rely on blind trust, but instead will work to bring you into the process. Over time, our goal is to help each client understand their investments. Any investment you select has positives and negatives.  Part of having the heart of a teacher is to make you aware of both sides of the investment and to give you the resources to make a good decision.

4. Does the advisor do holistic planning or simply focus on selling a product?

At Southwestern Investment Group, we are not going to focus on “the product of the month.” We believe that picking the correct product that works for you is the easy part.  The hard part is the planning. We believe that every good plan should keep an eye on taxes, estate planning, investment planning, insurance planning, and retirement planning. We believe all these parts of your plan should work together and be addressed at every meeting. Too many times, advisers get in a hurry to sell a product instead of first determining how all the pieces of your plan fit together.

5. What is your process like?

Hiring a financial advisor looks different firm to firm. Asking about an advisor’s process will give you insight into whether their approach works with what you had in mind.

Here is a brief look at Southwestern Investment Group’s process:

Know when it’s time to ask for help. A financial advisor can help you get on track and stay there, no matter your goals.

Southwestern Investment Group is made up of certified teams that have your best interests in mind. We operate as a fiduciary, are transparent about our process, and will always put you first.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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